Siembra Azul

the future of tradition

David Suro-Piñera

Founder, Siembra Azul

Born in Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, David Suro-Piñera migrated to Philadelphia in 
1985. Excited to showcase the food and spirit of his homeland, he opened Philadelphia’s first upscale Mexican eatery, Tequilas Restaurant, in 1986. It has since become world-famous for serving authentic cuisine as well as offering a list of over 135 brands of fine 100% Agave tequilas. As a restaurateur and a tequila aficionado, he was determined find the 
highest quality tequila. This quest propelled him to develop and produce his own boutique tequila brand, Siembra Azul – a small batch, artisanally crafted super-premium tequila, which is made from only the finest blue agave.

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